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Tube Textile

Professional Tube Fabrics Manufacturer

Founded in 2000, Tube textile is a professional tube fabrics manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing a variety of tubefabrics with excellent quality and the most competitive prices to trader, brands and various corporates all over the world.

With a sincere focus on tube fabrics, we have been constantly recognized by top brands and corporates with our high-quality tube fabrics and impeccable services.

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We Help You Expand the Business

Tube textile locate in Shengze, Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. We own over 1000 pcs Japan’s Tsudakoma 8100 loom, equipping with Stäubli electronic faucet. Creating the unique technology – weaving tube jacquard. Meanwhile, we have richexperience to produce this fabric. Knowvery well about this tube fabric’s requireand normal issue. Our production mainly using for down jacket. We have GRS certification, OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certification and so on.

Large procdtion ability and unique technology can help you expand your bussiness easily.

Over 1000 Pcs Japanese Tsudakoma 8100 loom – Ensure the Good Greige Quality

We own over 1000 pcs Japan’s Tsudakoma 8100 loom. 50 million meters yearly production. Can guarantee your delivery on time. Do not need wait.

Stäubli Electronic Faucet – Make the Jacquard on Woven Tube Fabric

We have 500pcs jacquard weaving machines with stäubli electronic faucet. Can design any pattern you want.

Proctised Dye Product Team – Keep the Good Quality Until the End

We have over 50 persons dye product team. The make sure the finish dyeing fabrics to be good downproof, water repellence. And be clear on both face and back.

Our Certification

We have rich experience to know the test requirement very will. We are able to let you know the potential risk.






Our Milestone

With a consistent commitment to the finest quality

and satisfying customer service, we will keep bringing new unmatched tube fabrics to accelerate your business.



We are create at 2000 with 280pcs weaving machines. At that time, no one make the weaving tube fabrics. We are the first one to produce the tube fabrics.



We increase the weaving machines to 500pcs. Due to the growing customers and continual orders.



We increase the weaving machines to 1000pcs. We are keep conbining our competitors and enlarging our production capacity.

Keep Innovating


We created the unique technology, weaving jacquard tube fabric. Whole the China, only we can do this. And we are expanding the jacquard weaving machines. To reduce the jacquard tube fabric’s price and increase its output.

Factory Tour

Various state of the art production infrastructures and fastidious quality control system are conducted to make sure that only the best tube fabrics can be delivered to you.

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