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Chinese Biggest

Woven Tube Fabrics


Since 2000, Tube textile has been engaging in designing and

crafting a lot of patterns woven tube fabrics with impeccable

quality and unbeatable prices to customers.

Flexible MOQ: From 1000YD
Fast Turnaround: 4 Weeks
Factory Price: 15% Lower

Our Woven Tube Collection

We offer a range of in-stock tube fabrics designs for your inspirations.

Whether you’re choosing from current pattern and construction tube fabrics, or you’re ready to create your own, Tube textile gets you all covered!

Advantage of Woven Tube Fabrics

Several Grounds

We have several ground fabric can be

chosen. 50D, 35D, 25D for polyster.

35D, 20D for nylon. And both can add spandex at weft side.

Thousands Patterns

We have thousands of availble sample yardages. With thousands of different patterns can be chosen. You also can design you own patter.


In China, only our mill can make jacquard on the woven tube fabrics. You can design any pattern on the tube fabrics. Like your brand’s logo.


No any other finish, our production only do PD and WR. Can be downproof. So the down jackets can be very thin.

Keep Developing

We are developing hundreds of patterns each year. And also keep developing new ground fabrics meterial.

Quality Guarantee

We have over 20 years experience to product the woven tube fabrics. We know the fabrics very well. And can avoid the issue that can not be easy to find.

Know Woven Tube Fabrics Well Through 3 Pictures

Normal A 

Quilting Tube  

Making the tube by quilting will have the issue that the feather will come out from the thread hole.

Normal B 

Hot Melt Tube

You can get more abundant through hot melt finishing to make tube. But the problem is this finish could be easy to break when some times washing or pulling hard.

Best Solution 

Weaving Tube Fabric 

Our tube fabric is 2 layer when greige. All the patterns are woven. No any finish. So it is firm, thin, and down proof very well. We also have thousands of patterns can be chosen. Or customize your own’s.


We own over 1000 pcs Japan's 
Tsudakoma 8100 loom, equipping with 
Stäubli electronic faucet. Creating the 
unique technology - weaving tube 
jacquard. Meanwhile, we have rich
experience to produce this fabric. Know
very well about this tube fabric's require
and normal issue. 

20-Year Engagement In

Woven Tube Fabrics

Flexible Customization Method

Tube Textile offers flexible MOQ support and solution to startups. For small quantities customization and rush order, you can choose our in-stock tube fabrics designs.

Mature & Powerful Production System

Equipped with various high tech infrastructures and proven production systems, we can support large orders and carefully adhere to the agreed delivery time and sampling time.

Rigorous Quality Control


To guarantee the superior quality tube fabrics, We strictly follow the fastidious manufacturing guidance and monitor every stage of the process. This ensures the finished fabrics both meet and exceed your expectations.

Why Choose us?

Through large production capacity and careful inspection, we ensure the bulk delivery and quality. 
At the same time, the price is 15% cheaper than its peers. The Tube fabrics you find on the market are basically produced in our factory.

1000+ Tube Weaving Machines

Practised QC Team

Unique Tube Jacquard

Price 15% Lower

Ready to Make Your Down Jackets Tube Fabrics with Unbeatable Prices?